EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Reports

With electrical installations deteriorating over time and the wiring regulations (BS7671) constantly evolving, we offer this service to make sure your electrical installations are safe for continued use and complies with the current edition of the wiring regulations. Examples of when a condition report is required are:

  • Domestic Installations – 10 years or change of occupancy
  • Commercial Installations – 5 years or change of occupancy
  • Industrial Installations – 3 years
  • Residential accommodation – 5 years or change of occupancy
  • Offices and shops – 5 years or change of use

If you are a Landlord it is recommended that you have a condition report carried out every 5 years plus a yearly check to make sure your properties electrical installations are in a satisfactory condition.


For all you people buying a property, it’s a wise idea to have a condition report carried out before you buy to have a complete overview of the electrical installation. This will allow you to factor in the cost of a rewire or any remedial works which maybe required. 

Please contact us if you require any further information or wish to book a condition report. We are always happy to help.